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You can select the content typed on the screen as a block and change it to half-width/full-width that has the same meaning.

Characters that have both half-width and full-width character codes can be changed. They are categorized into Number, English, Symbol, Japanese Katakana, and Korean Jamo.


  1. Select a part of the content with numbers or English letters as a block.
  2. Click Home > Change Case > Change Half-width/Full-width.
  3. In the Change Width dialog box, select Replace Method > All to Fullwidth.
  4. In Change What, select Number or English.
  5. Click Replace.
  6. All the half-width numbers and English letters in the block change to full-width.

More Information

Change Width Dialog Box

Replace Method

Change the characters in the block, which match those in Change What, to All to Halfwidth or All to Fullwidth.

Change What

Change Half-width/Full-width cannot change all characters to half-width or full-width.

You can run Change Half-width/Full-width only for the characters that have both Full-width and Half-width characters with the same style.

Characters that can be used in Change What are Number, English, Symbol, (Japanese) Katakana, and Korean Jamo.


The Meaning of Full-width and Half-width

In general, Full-width refers to characters where the horizontal and vertical length ratio is the same. Korean, Chinese, and Japanese are full-width by default.

Half-width refers to characters where the horizontal and vertical length ratio is 1:2. These characters are horizontally narrow. English letters, numbers, spaces, and punctuation marks such as comma and period are half-width by default.

Ignoring Characters Cannot Be Changed

Change Half-width/Full-width changes characters only in the block that match Change What even if there are characters like Korean, Chinese, etc, that cannot be changed to full-width or half-width are in the block.

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