Split Window


View > Split Window

This feature allows you to split the edit screen and work on a document while viewing two or four different sections of the document at the same time.

You can reference and move to different parts of a document and even copy content from different sections of the document with great ease by splitting the screen.


  1. Click View > Split Window > Split Vertically.
  2. The edit screen is split vertically, and the cursor flashes on the right screen.
  3. To return the edit window to its original state, Click View > Split Window > Remove Split.


Resizing Split Screens

Splitting the edit screen results in either two or four split screens. Therefore, the sizes of the split screens are identical. You can enlarge or reduce the size of the selected screen by dragging on the border of a split screen.

View in Split Screen Mode

After splitting the screen you can apply different Zoom Ratio to each split screen.

Maintaining Split Screen Mode

Clicking File > New or File > Open while in split screen mode removes the split and opens the document in a single window.

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