AutoText Content

You can edit AutoText by editing, deleting, reorganizing, inserting, or saving existing AutoText.


To add AutoText

  1. Click Insert > AutoText > Add AutoText.
  2. In the AutoText dialog box, click Add AutoText in the AutoText tab. The Add AutoText dialog box will open.
  3. In the Abbreviation edit box, enter han.
  4. In the Original Word edit box, enter Cell Program in the Original Word edit box, and click Set.
  5. On the AutoText list box, the new AutoText will be added.

To run AutoText

To use added AutoText, you can do one of the following.



You can only add text to the current AutoText. You can enter new AutoText or edit existing ones by using the AutoText dialog box.

Handling Abbreviations with the Same Name

When you are adding a new abbreviation to AutoText in the AutoText dialog box, you can add an abbreviation of the same name as an existing abbreviation. In such cases, the abbreviation that is added later will be used as AutoText.

Saving AutoText

When you exit Cell, AutoText is saved as an *.IDO file.

The default save location for AutoText file is \User\Cell folder in User Data folder.

You can check the location of User Data folder by clicking Button > About Cell > Folder Info.

Once you define AutoText, you can use it whenever you use Cell.

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