Win/Loss Sparkline

You can track the binary events such as sports results that have positive and negative situation.


To create a win/loss sparkline

  1. Select an empty cell to insert a sparkline.
  2. Click Data > Sparkline > Win/Loss.
  3. Specify the range of data on the Insert Sparkline dialog.
  4. Click the OK button on the Insert Sparkline dialog.


Win/Loss Sparkline

Positive values mean a win and negative values mean a loss. Based on the horizontal axis, the upward marker for a positive value (win) and downward marker for a negative value (loss) and the empty for a zero value are used to visualize binary results.

The Win/Loss sparkline shows the same length of markers regardless of the values. For example, even though a team won the twelve points (12) at the first game and lost the seven points (-7) at the second game, the markers in the same length appear in a cell: upward marker for the twelve-point win and downward marker for the seven-point loss.

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