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The Others tab of the Options dialog box provides Select Object in Parts and PDF Driver. Select Object in Parts enables you to select an entire object even if only part of it is selected when you drag the pointer.

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Others Tab of Options Dialog Box



Malware Block



Using Hancom PDF Driver

A file will be saved in PDF/A-1b format, one of the PDF properties, when you convert the file to a PDF file by selecting the Hancom PDF driver from the PDF Driver list in Print. Also, you can convert HFT fonts to text without using Hancom PDF Converter.

Difference Between Select Object in Parts and Select Object

On the Drawing toolbar, if you click Select Object, you have to drag the pointer over an entire object in the edit window to select the object. You can select an object by dragging the pointer only part of it in the edit window by selecting Select Object in Parts and clicking Select Object.

PVR message when proper OpenGL support needed

The current version of graphics driver does not support OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) correctly. To get full support for OpenGL, download the latest version of graphics driver and install it manually and then run Hancom Office again.

In Cell or Show, set the 3D Objects option to 2.5D Rendering (Lower Version) in the File > Options > Others tab if you do not want to show this message again. It is recommended that you update the graphics driver to the latest version because changing this option may cause the 3D objects unsupported.


Restarting after Upgrading Hancom PDF Driver

You have to restart the system to use the driver properly when the Hancom PDF driver gets updated.

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