PivotTable Tools Tab

PivotTable toolbar is a collection of icons for commands required in configuring PivotTables and using the PivotTable wizard.

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PivotTable Tools Tab


PivotTable Name Assign a name to the selected PivotTable.
Options Specify the name and display method for a PivotTable.

Active Field

Active Field Specify a name for the selected field.
Field Settings Specify the name and the Summarize Value field by in subtotals or in data areas.
Summary Function Change the summary function. 11 functions are available.


Group Selection Group some fields in a row or column area.
Ungroup Ungroup the grouped fields in a row or column area.
Group Field Split dates or numbers at specific intervals to group data that fit the criteria.


Sort A to Z Sort the data in ascending order.
Sort Z to A Sort the data in descending order.
Sort Set sort direction and criteria to sort data.


Refresh Reflect the updated data to PivotTable if the source data has changed.
View Source Data Create a new worksheet and show the row that the selected cell belongs to in a source data.


Field List Show or hide the field list of the task pane.


Report Layout Set the layout of the selected PivotTable.
  • Show in Compact Form: Compress the data area to its minimum size.
  • Show in Outline Form: Display the data in basic PivotTable style format.
  • Show in Tabular Form: Display the data in normal table format.


Calculate Perform various calculations by referring to the original data.

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