PivotTable Layout

Information that can be gained from a PivotTable report varies depending on how the data is structured. You can change the data layout from the PivotTable Layout dialog box.

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To display the PivotTable Layout dialog box, click Layout from the PivotTable dialog box. Alternatively, you can select a PivotTable area and select Change PivotTable Configuration from the context menu.

To configure the layout of a PivotTable report, drag field names from the field list to page, row, column, and data areas. In this case, fields need not exist in all layout areas. Simply create a layout based on the information that has to be gained from the PivotTable report.


Fields of the composed PivotTable report can be viewed as displayed below:

Name Description
Page Field Contains fields that will be used as basis for displaying the data area by individual page.
You can view all PivotTable report items or use a filter to view specific items only.
Row Field A single data item is shown on each row.
Column Field A single data item is shown on each column.
Data Field Displays the target that will be analyzed into a list of sources that contain data.
Data Area Displays a summary of numerical data. This is where the analysis and summary data are displayed.

Field List

In a PivotTable, to display a list of items that can be viewed for the field, click on the list button next to a field. You can choose to display all items on screen or select specific ones to show.


Renaming a PivotTable Field or Item

Select the field or item that has to be renamed, type a new name, and press ENTER.

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