Print Target

Select the print target from slides, handouts, notes pages, and the outline.


To set print target

  1. Click File > Print.
  2. In Print Target on the Print tab, select from Slide, Handout, Notes Page, or Outline you want to print.

More Information

Print Tab of Print Dialog Box - Print Target Option


Print the slide screen currently being edited.


Use this to provide your presentation document to your audience as a handout. If you print the document as a handout, you can print the slide in the presentation document and the note space for simple handwriting.

After selecting Print target > Handout, you need to set the number of slides to be placed on one side and the order of the slides in Handout. If you select four or more handouts on one side, you can select the order in which the handouts are placed.

Notes Pages

Print with notes pages. Notes Page is where you enter the necessary or supplemental information for each slide as you go through the presentation.


Print the outline of the edited slide only.

   If you set Header/Footer to Handout, the corresponding Header/Footer is also printed.

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