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Object Properties: Effects

In the Effects tab of the Object Properties task pane, you can apply a wide range of effects to objects such as Shadow, Reflection, Glow and Soft Edges.

Some effects are not available for certain objects.

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Effects Tab of Object Properties Task Pane

Soft Edges
3D Rotation


Advanced rendering for 3D objects and 3D rendering setup are required

The graphics card of system should support advanced rendering for 3D objects to apply 3D Rotation and 3D Effects. Set 3D Objects to 3D Rendering under File > Options > Others tab of the program to enable the menus.

These features may not be available in virtual machine or some system environments. If the PVR message appears because an older graphic driver does not support OpenGL (Open Graphic Library), Hancom Office may not be able to run properly. 3D Rotation and 3D Effects will be available after downloading the latest version of graphics and installing it manually.

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