Handout Master

Display the handout master.

Change to handout master view to change the properties of the default font or add a logo image that repeats in every slide The content that is assigned to the master is printed repeatedly on each handout when printed so that users do not have to do the same work which can improve the efficiency.


To set handout master

  1. Click View > Master Views > Handout Master.
  2. In the handout master, specify style and background for the handout slide area, and style for header/footer.
  3. After you have finished styling the handout master, click View > Master Views > Close Master.
    Or click the Close icon on the Handout Master tab.
  4. The style properties set in the handout master are applied to the handout slide.


Do not show slide content in master view

A master is used to organize the basic elements (i.g. placeholder, header and footer, slide number, etc.) of a slide to make these elements common across all slides. Therefore, the contents of the slide such as text and objects that you enter randomly are not displayed in master view.

To check the contents of the slides and the layout when printing, click File > Preview and then select an item you want under Print Target on the toolbox.

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