Slide Master

Display the slide master.

Slide master makes it easy to change elements such as fonts, object location, layout, and the design of multiple slides at once.


Multiple masters

Show supports multiple masters.

All presentations includes one slide master by default, and you can change or add slide masters as needed. To apply two or more styles or themes to a presentation, you have to insert the slide master for each theme.

As you can create multiple slide masters in a single presentation, you can create more compelling documents off the monotonous presentation document by organizing your designs in different sections.

Slide master and layout

Slide masters and layouts have a tree structure, and 12 standard layouts are provided by default per a slide master.

You can add placeholders to slide masters or layouts, but you can not directly add placeholders to slides.

Do not show slide content in master view

A master is used to organize the basic elements (i.g. placeholder, header and footer, slide number, etc.) of a slide to make these elements common across all slides. Therefore, the contents of the slide such as text and objects that you enter randomly are not displayed in master view.

To check the contents of the slides and the layout when printing, click File > Preview and then select an item you want under Print Target on the toolbox.

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