Bookmark <CTRL+SHIFT+F5>

When you read a thick book, it is convenient to insert a bookmark in the middle of a book and return whenever you need it. You can use Bookmark to mark various positions in the body text and return the pointer to the positions regardless of the current pointer position.


  1. Type ‘Word’ in the body text and point to a position that is to be marked with the bookmark.
    Move the pointer in front of ‘W’.

  2. Click Insert > Bookmark.
  3. In the Bookmark dialog box, type ‘Word’ in Bookmark Name.
  4. Click Add. ‘Word’ is added to Bookmark List and the dialog box is closed.

More Information

Bookmark Dialog Box

Bookmark Name

Type the name of a bookmark to add.

Bookmark List

A list of bookmarks added to the current document is displayed.

Sort by

Add Button

Insert the bookmark whose name is typed to the document. Bookmarks will not be displayed in the edit window or print-out.

Delete Button

Delete the selected bookmark from Bookmark List.

Go To Button

Move to the position where the bookmark you selected from the bookmark list is.

Cancel Button

Close the dialog box without saving changes.

Hidden Bookmarks

If a document contains hidden bookmarks, they are displayed in the list.

Advanced Usage

Bookmark and Hyperlink

Bookmark is useful when dealing with a large document and is capable of providing links to bookmarks in other documents when used in conjunction with the Insert > Hyperlink function.

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