Symbol <CTRL+F10>

You can enter various characters and symbols by using a table. You can easily insert symbols and characters that are hard to insert with the keyboard.

More Information

Symbol Dialog Box


The Custom tab displays newly classified unicode characters to make it easy to search required characters.

You can also create a new character domain and add frequently used characters.


From Unicode tab, you can insert the unicode characters that are not on the keyboard.

Unicode is a 2-byte international standard character code system that expresses various languages in a uniform way.


Recent Text

The Symbol dialog box appears with the most recently selected text. To use the same symbol later, click Insert > Symbol and press ENTER. You can also insert the most recently used symbol by clicking Symbol in the Insert tab.

You can check a list of recently inserted characters by clicking the drop-down arrow of the Symbol icon in the Insert tab.


Compatible with Other Programs

Symbol of Thinkfree Office supports various unicode characters including those that are not supported in other programs.

If you insert a unicode character in a Thinkfree Office document, save the document, and open it in another program, the character does not display properly. For example, if you use some Specials in Character Domain of Unicode in a Thinkfree Office document and open the document in another program, the characters will not display properly.

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