Create an envelope in which the address and name of the recipients are automatically entered when you send a large number of letters.

To get the most out of this feature, you need a data source with the addresses and name of the recipients.


To create an envelope template for bulk mailings

  1. See To create a spreadsheet format data source to create a data source.
  2. See To import a data source to import the created data source.
    See To use Outlook contact information as a data source to import a data source.
  3. Click Mailings > Envelopes to open the Envelopes and Labels.
  4. Make sure that the Envelopes tab is selected, and then click Options.
  5. When the Envelope Options dialog box appears, select the envelope type from the Envelope size > Type list.
    If necessary, click Font in Delivery address and Return address to specify the font for the addresses.
  6. Once you have done with specifying the options, click OK in the Envelope Options dialog box to return to the Envelopes and Labels dialog box.
  7. In the Envelopes and Labels dialog box, type the sender address in Return address, and then click Add to Document to insert the envelope template into the document.
    When prompted whether to save the sender address as the default return address, select as necessary.

To insert a merge field into the recipient address area

  1. See To create an envelope template for bulk mailings to add an envelope template to the document.
  2. Insert a merge field that will be changed to the actual address into the recipient address area.
  3. Click Preview Result in the Mailings tab. The merge fields are displayed as actual information.
  4. In the Mailings tab, click Next Record or Previous Record to check if all records from the data source are displayed.

To merge a letter into a new document and print or send as an e-mail message

  1. See To write a letter and insert a merge field and To create an envelope template for bulk mailings to prepare a letter and envelope.
  2. Depending on the type of action you want, do one of the following:
  3. Perform additional actions by the selected action type.

More Information

Envelopes Tab of Envelopes and Labels Dialog Box

Delivery address

Enter the address of the recipient. If you are sending a large number of letters, it is best to use merge fields in this area, so you only need to enter it directly if you have only one recipient.

Return address

Enter the address of the sender.

Print Button

Print the envelope template you created.

Add to Document/Change Document Button

Add the envelope template you created to the document. You can edit the document as you want.

If you change the envelope size and so on for the document you added, it will be changed to Change Document.

Cancel Button

Close the dialog box.

Options Button

Open the Envelope Options dialog box to adjust the envelope size, the recipient address, and the spacing for the return address, and set the fonts.

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