What is Hancom Office?
  Hancom Office is a mobile office program produced by Hancom Inc.
You can create and edit documents using Hancom Office.
How do I create a new document? Are there any additional apps that I need to install?
  Hancom Office Hanword, Hanshow, and Hancell, can all be downloaded from GALAXY Apps.
I want to edit a document. Which app should I install?
  Hancom Office Hanword, Hanshow, and Hancell, can all be downloaded from GALAXY Apps.
What is Shared? I downloaded Shared, but I don't see the app icon on my device screen.
  Shared is an app that provides essential components for running Hancom Office, such as fonts, templates, and theme files. However, the Shared icon does not appear on your device's screen because it is not an independent app.
Do I need to install the app called Updater?
  Updater is not mandatory. If you've enabled auto-update in GALAXY Apps, you can update Hancom Office without it. If you have disabled auto-update, you can use Updater to check for available updates.
When I install and run the app for the first time, a white screen appears and the app closes automatically.
  Hancom Office performs product authentication when the app is run for the first time. The white screen and termination of the app may occur if the device hasn't been authenticated. To authenticate, you need to be connected to a network that can access GALAXY Apps, such as 3G or Wi-Fi. You only need to authenticate your device once.
The document I was working on has been lost. Is there any way to recover the lost document?
  Although very rare, the app may be forced to quit due to issues with the device's memory or the device itself. In that event, open Hancom Office again, and you will be given an option to recover the document you were editing.
Can I add fonts?
  Hancom Office allows you to designate a fonts folder under Settings in each app. You can use this feature to add the fonts you desire (TTF/OTF).
When installing the app, the app requests permission to access my phone calls and camera (photos and videos). Why does the app need access to them?
  The app needs to permission to access your device's status and ID to authenticate the license. Access to the camera is required to insert photos or videos stored on the device or taken using the camera into documents.
I want to change which folder documents are saved in. How do I change it?
  When creating a new document, you can designate the save folder when you select Save. When opening an existing document, you can use the Save As feature to designate a new save folder.
Does Hancom Office support PDF editing?
  The PDF viewer does not support editing. No PDF viewers support PDF editing, not just the one that comes with Hancom Office.
I wish to add new templates. Can I add new templates?
  Hancom Office currently doesn't support the addition of new templates.
I want to disable auto update. How do I do that?
  You can disable it by unchecking Auto Update in GALAXY Apps.
Are macros supported?
  Hancom Office Hancell currently does not support macros. It has not been determined whether or not future versions will support macros.
Saving documents in PDF format increases the file size. Why does this happen?
  The file size may increase if text is saved in image format (bitmap fonts and etc.) or if the images included in the document are saved as PDF images.
How do I change the default font?
  Hancom Office currently doesn't support the changing of the default font.
How do I delete the app? (applies to both Viewer and Editor)
  The Editor app can be deleted using the device's app manager. However, the Viewer is preloaded and cannot be deleted.
How do I print a document?
  By default, you can print documents using Google Cloud Print. If you wish to print directly using a printer, you can do so by going to the Print menu and selecting and adding a printer.
How do I request technical support?
  Please contact cs_office@hancom.com with any additional inquiries.
  Copyright (c) 1989-2015 Hancom Inc(HNC). All rights reserved.