Open from Hancom Space

Opening a file saved in Hancom Space allows you to view, edit, or print it in Hancom Office.


To open a file from Hancom Space

  1. Log in to Hancom Space. For more information about how to log in or sign up, please refer to Hancom Space.
  2. Click the Hancom Space icon at the top right of the document window.

  3. Click Open from Hancom Space in the submenu list.
  4. In the Open from Hancom Space dialog box, select a file you want in the file list box.
  5. Click Open. The selected file will open in the document window.

More Information

Open from Hancom Space Dialog Box

File Path

Navigate to the desired location. You can move one level up by clicking Move Up to the Parent Folder, or create a new folder by clicking New Folder.

Files and Folders List

The following menus are provided if you right click a file or folder on the list.

File Name

Type the name of file you want to open.

File Type

Select the type of file you want to open. For information about the type of files that you can open, see Open Different File Types.

Create New Folder Dialog Box

Current Folder

Show the path where a new folder will be created.


Type the name of folder you want to create.

Rename Dialog Box

Current Name

Show the current name of folder or name of file including file type.

New Name

Type the name of folder you want to create. If you type a new file name, file type should be included.


Restriction on co-editing a file that is open from Hancom Space

If you open a file using Open from Hancom Space and edit it in Hancom Office, it is marked with a lock icon. Files marked with this icon in the file list of Hancom Space storage cannot be edited by others.

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