Open <Ctrl+O>

This feature allows you to open an existing file in the document window to view, edit, or print.


  1. Click File > Open.
    Or, on the formatting toolbar, click the Open icon .
  2. In Find in of the Open dialog box, select a drive or folder that has a file you want.
  3. From the file list box, select a file of choice.
  4. Click Open to open the selected file in the edit window.

More Information

Open Dialog Box

File Name

Type the path or name of the file to open.

File Type

Select the type of file you want to open.

Open Button

Open a file you have selected.


Open Icon of Toolbar

If you click the drop-down arrow of the Open icon in the Formatting toolbar, a list of recent documents is displayed. You can then open the required files.

Below the list of recent documents, the following menu appears.

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